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A Note From the Founder

Our mission is to bring you the best service from the best Realtors, at the best price.

One Percent Listing connects you with top real estate agents who will sell your home for 1% of the sale price as a listing commission.

Even after the buyer's agent commission of 2.0-2.5% you end up saving nearly half the cost of going the traditional route of finding your own realtor.

Aside from saving thousands on the sale of your home, you are guaranteed an outstanding realtor. We heavily vet and pre-qualify agents who want to join our partner network.

We are seasoned Real Estate Agents and Brokers who believe there is a better way to do business. This is a new company that is currently serving the Metropolitan Bay Area and will soon cover all of California. By the end of 2017, we should be nation-wide.

Please excuse us at this time for not covering every area. I will however, do my best to add agents to our program as the requests for expanded areas come into play.

P.S. These agents are only offering this Listing value through this website. So the savings are yours if you find them here!


Real estate agent

Edward Lewis,
Real Estate & Mortgage Broker
One Percent Listing Founder

How Does It Work?

You found us because of our pricing, but you'll love us because of our service. Here's how our process works:

Local agent

Find a Local Agent

Get paired with a top agent who works to sell your home from listing to closing. We hand-select only the top-performing real estate agents for each zip code.

House sold

Accept an Offer

After reviewing offers you and your agent work together to select the best candidate. Your agent will assist you every step of the way.

Save money

Save Thousands!

You get full service from the best agents at only 1% listing commission. On a typical sale* this could save you $12,000!

*Typical sale based on a sale price of $600,000 with a 3% listing commission.

What People Say About Us

Common Questions

Is this a real estate company?

Yes we are, however, we pair you with some of the best agents in YOUR area that work for different companies. We realize the best don't work directly for us yet, but they work for different offices. One Percent Listing is a way for us to have a relationship with them that greatly benefits YOU. Someday there will be one company and all the best will work directly for us...NOW That's a business plan!

How can your agents only charge 1%?

The typical real estate agent does only a few deals a year. To find these deals takes considerable amounts of capital for marketing, business supplies, licensing, education, and living expenses. This means agents must charge big commissions. These big commissions attract many underqualified agents, leaving you to sort through agents and find one who knows their trade.

We think there is a better business model for real estate: Give the best agents more deals, lower the commissions to attract the most business, and pass the savings on to you. You keep more profit from your investment and our top agents make more money because of the increased sales volume.

Why are your agents better than the competition?

If you needed heart surgery would you go to the doctor who did two surgeries last year - or would you pick the doctor who did one hundred?

Because agents in our network have more experience, they understand the challenges involved in closing a sale. This means faster closing, a higher sales price, and an overall smoother experience.

We strive to provide the missing link between the best agents and their potential customers. Agents in our network are top-performers in their region. Our qualification process is strict and requires agents to have a proven track record of closing deals at listing price or higher, a team in place to handle large sales volume, and many satisfied clients.

Will my house get less attention since I pay a lower commission?

No one does more! We only select the top agents to join our network because we know that to give great service you need to be prepared. Our agents typically have support teams so there is someone working on your sale everyday.

In addition, we follow-up with customers who use our agents. We promise you the best agents. If an agent isn't keeping customers happy, we remove them from our list.

Can I get extra services such as photography and staging?

Yes! Our agents have access to many external service providers for things such as professional photography, virtual tours, staging, and even aerial photography. Contact the agent in your area for specific details

Additional Services

Our agents provide the same great services that you can get with a traditional realtor. Ask your agent for more details.

Professional Photography

Aerial Photography

Virtual Tours